Graduate Students pursuing degrees in Computer Science, Statistics, Information Science, and Data Science who identify as Black or Indigenous.

who we are

Diversity is loosely defined as being composed of different elements. As the diversity in computing continues to grow, it is the object of this program to ensure that individuals from these unique backgrounds feel included in the community. GURMC facilitates this objective by connecting existing students with the incoming class in Computer and Information Science over coffee and dinners. Additionally, the program is supported by faculty members from these backgrounds. These events become safe spaces to talk about problems that exist within the community as well as to disseminate tips and information that can help students be at peace as graduate students.

Call for Assistance

In the months to come, our community is going to need help as it grows. Elections for an executive board are scheduled to take place in February. In the interim, there are many assorted tasks in which we require assistance. If interested in helping, please contact Danny Adams

Select Services

To build community, it is necessary to come together. As a group, we have diverse interests. Some of the projects below are a few programs within the community

Quarterly Meetings

Group meeting to check-in with members about their journey.

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Collab Corner

Weekly meetings to study/work in the presence of peers.

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Tea & Treats

Discussion group on wellness, personal growth, and mindfulness.

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Faculty Mentor

Student group is advised by Hakim Weatherspoon